About Us

Welcome to Elprimorico.com, your ultimate destination for organic gardening, herb gardening and native plant gardening. At Elprimorico we are passionate about cultivating a deep connection between people and nature. Our mission is to inspire and guide gardeners, both beginners and experienced, in creating beautiful, sustainable gardens that are good for the environment and the soul.

Our Mission:

Elprimorico is more than just a gardening website; This is a community committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices and celebrating the wonders of nature. We believe in the transformative power of gardening, not only in producing fresh, healthy produce, but also in cultivating a sense of well-being and mindfulness.

What We Offer:

Organic Gardening: Discover the art and science of organic gardening. From soil health to pest control, we offer expert tips and techniques to help you create a vibrant, chemical-free garden.

Herb Gardening: Dive into the world of herbs! Discover a variety of culinary, medicinal and aromatic herbs. Learn how to grow, harvest and use these plants to improve your cooking and overall health.

Native Plant Gardening: Embrace the beauty of native plants. Discover the rich biodiversity in your area and learn how to create a garden that supports local wildlife, saves water and showcases the natural beauty of native plants.


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Join us on our journey to cultivate green spaces that not only improve our environment, but also enrich our lives. Thank you for being part of the El Primo Rico community. Have fun in the garden!